miércoles, septiembre 20, 2006

Don't sign your credit cards - Lifehacker

Don't sign your credit cards - Lifehacker: "Don't sign it. It's useless as a deterrent, as anyone who takes your card then has a sample of your signature which they can not only use on any charge slip, but on your checks as well. However, do not leave the white strip blank. In that space, write: 'Ask For Picture ID,' and be prepared to back that up someday when you're in a hurry and the clerk wants to see a driver's license as well as the card. It makes the charge transaction a little longer, but a lot safer."

Pa los que no sepan de la cosa esta del ingle hago una traduccion libre del texto....

No firmes tus tarjetas de credito. No es una medida disuasoria y cualquiera que tenga acceso a tu tarjeta ya sabe como es tu firma y pueden usarla para cualquier cosa, incluidos los cheques. En vez de ello, pon por detras: "Pedir DNI", esta medida no es mas rapida pero si es mas segura.

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