jueves, noviembre 04, 2010

Más DropBox: La guía definitiva

La podéis encontrar en http://web.appstorm.net/roundups/data-management-roundups/the-ultimate-dropbox-toolkit-guide/

Nos explican trucos como estos:

Basic Tips List

Advanced Tips List
  1. Share Photo Galleries
  2. Consolidate Your iTunes Library
  3. Password Synchronization
  4. Create Your Own Digital Scrapbook
  5. Keep Your Firefox Profile in Sync
  6. Use Dropbox As Your Documents Folder
  7. Sync Your iTunes Library Across Multiple Computers
  8. Theft Recovery
  9. Home/Office Security
  10. Website/File Hosting and Sharing
  11. PHP Dropbox Uploader
  12. Multiple Dropbox Instances
  13. Making Dropbox Portable
  14. Sync Your iCal Calendar
  15. Using Dropbox & Eye-Fi for Instant Image Viewing
  16. Sync .torrent Files and Auto-Start Downloads
  17. Automatic Screenshot Sharing with Hazel [Mac]
  18. Sync XAMPP/MAMP Directories for Testing and Development
  19. Version Control
  20. OneNote Sync & Collaboration [Win]
  21. Synchronize Text Expansion Snippets
  22. Synchronize Design/Development Resources (Photoshop Presets, etc.)
  23. Shutdown, Restart or Sleep Your Computer with Hazel [Mac]
  24. Remotely Control Your Computer with Hazel [Mac]
  25. Public Link to Avatar For Quick Changes
  26. Synchronize Chat Logs
  27. File Edit Notifications with Growl
  28. Send Files to Dropbox via Email
  29. Sync Clipboard
  30. Sync Coda Books, Plugins & Site Previews

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